Dental Technology

State of the Art Is What You’ll Get

Impeccable Infection Control
We pride ourselves on maintaining the highest standard of infection control.

Digital XRays
Digital dental technologies now allow us to reduce your radiation dosage by up to 90%. This also allows us to manipulate the final image so that we can make the most accurate diagnosis for you, all in less time.

Intra-Oral Cameras
We have a camera specially designed to take pictures of your teeth so we can show you exactly what is happening inside your mouth. The image is instant and can be viewed on our large, overhead monitor.

The Wand
Utilising a computer assisted anaesthesia system we can now make the numbing process more comfortable than ever before. We also use numbing paste on the gum to further enhance your comfort. A lot of patients dislike the numb feeling, particularly when it lasts for the rest of the day or night. We also use, when appropriate, a modern anaesthetic that has a shorter half life, meaning you get terrific numbness whilst at the dentist and it wears off much faster than the standard anaesthetic.

With over 90 channels on the large flatscreen TV above the dental chair for your viewing pleasure the hardest part of your treatment will be choosing a channel!