After Hours and Emergency Dental Care FAQs

Emergency Dental Care


Full payment is due on the day of treatment. Automatic private health insurance rebates are available through our HICAPS eftpos terminal.

We use the mean figures published in the ADA’s Schedule of Fees each year to set our fees. This means you are paying a fair, average price for above average, high quality dentistry.

If you are a new patient to our practice and book an appointment from 5pm or on the weekend, a $100 deposit will be required for your first visit. This goes towards your treatment and is not an additional charge. It merely reserves your appointment time exclusively for you. Failure to attend your appointment or give adequate notice will result in forfeit of your booking fee. We are sorry for any inconvenience this causes but unfortunately too many patients have booked appointments at these times and not attended. At these times, we often have to turn away other patients who are in pain and desperate for an appointment.

Broken Tooth

Try to clean the debris from the injured area with warm water. If caused by a blow, place a cold compress on the face next to the injured tooth to minimize swelling. Try to find all the fragments that are missing and bring them to the dentistt. Some broken fragments can be bonded back onto the teeth almost invisibly. Go to the dentist as soon as possible.

If the broken tooth is rough and cutting your cheek or tongue, simple and quick treatment is available to stop the pain. Call now.

If the broken tooth is sensitive, it suggests that the inside layer of the tooth has been exposed. This needs to be covered to stop the sensitivity – something best done by a dentist.

Painful Tooth

Persistent toothache is always a sign that you need to see a dentist as soon as possible. In the meantime, you should try to obtain relief by rinsing your mouth with water and trying to clean out debris from any obvious cavities. Use dental floss to remove any food that might be trapped within the cavity (especially between the teeth). If swelling is present, place a cold compress to the outside of the cheek (DO NOT HEAT). Take pain relief if necessary, using pain medicines that you know you are safe with. In order to help us with an accurate diagnosis, try to answer the following questions based on your pain before taking pain medication:

  1. Is the tooth painful to hot, cold or both?
  2. Is the tooth painful to bite on?
  3. Is the pain dull or sharp?
  4. How long does the pain last for? Seconds / minutes / hours / constant?
  5. Does the tooth start to ache spontaneously?
Swollen Gum

Swollen gums are typically a sign of infection. Painful swelling of the gums nearly always requires immediate treatment. Go to the dentist as soon as possible.

Swollen Face

A swollen face from a tooth or your gum is a sign that infection is spreading beyond your mouth. This can have life threatening consequences including blockage of your airway or infection of your brain. Seek immediate dental care or attend your nearest hospital emergency department if unable to see a dentist.

Braces / Retainers

If a wire is causing irritation, cover the end of the wire with a small cotton ball, a piece of gauze or soft wax. If a wire is embedded in the cheek, tongue or gum tissue, DO NOT attempt to remove it- let the dentist do it. If there is a loose or broken appliance go to your orthodontist or a dentist.

Adult Tooth Knocked Out

If dirty, rinse the tooth in milk holding it by the crown (not roots). If not available, use water (few seconds only) or have patient suck it clean. Then put the tooth back in the socket. If the tooth cannot be replanted, wrap it in Glad Wrap with saliva to keep moist or place it in milk or in the patient’s mouth inside the cheek. Go to a dentist within 30 minutes if you can. Time is critical for successful replanting.

Baby teeth are never replanted when knocked out as this risks damage to the permanent tooth forming below. Examination by a dentist is still recommended to check there is no further damage. provides detailed information regarding treatment recommended for dental emergencies

Bitten Lip or Tongue

Apply direct pressure to the bleeding area with a clean cloth. If swelling is present, apply cold compress. If bleeding doesn’t stop readily or the bite is severe, go to the dentist or hospital emergency department.

Object Wedged Between Teeth

Try to remove the object with dental floss. Guide the floss in carefully so as not to cut the gums. Sometimes a knot or loop in the floss helps. If unsuccessful, go to a dentist.

After Hours Dental Care

What if we’re fully booked?

Do not fear. We will stay back to tend to your emergency because that’s what we do. You will not be charged a call out fee in this instance as we will still be at the practice and you have called during our regular office hours.

Need an appointment outside our regular office hours?

We are here for you. We have an on call dentist available at all times who will be happy to care for you and your emergency. Call our office on 9044 0777 to schedule for an appointment with our after hours dentist in Melbourne today.

What About Public Holidays?

Certainly – we look forward to caring for you then too. Please note that there will be a modest surcharge to cover our increased running costs on public holidays. Call 9044 0777 to book now.

After Hours Treatment

If you book an appointment with our on call dentist outside of our regular office hours, they will do the following:

  • Attend 24 / 7 Dental and open the practice for you (Item code 915). A call out fee will apply if the dentist is no longer at the practice.
  • Carry out a thorough consultation and examination (Item Code 013).
  • Carry out any x-rays that may be appropriate (Item codes 022 and / or 037).
  • Diagnose the cause of your dental emergency.
  • Discuss treatment options with you.
  • Quote you on any treatment required before proceeding with further treatment.
  • Provide antibiotics and / or pain killers as deemed appropriate by the dentist.


After Hours Schedule of Fees

If you call outside our regular office hours and book an appointment with our on call dentist a call out fee of $500 applies.

Credit card pre-authorisation for the full amount will be taken at time of booking to confirm appointment prior to on call dentist attending.